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Online Traders' Club (Singapore)

OTCS Total Defense Trading Plan Workshop on 10 May 2014

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Date:   Thu 10 May 2014 (Sat)
Time:   14:00 to 17:00
Venue:  To Be Released Later

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Dear members and friends,

Our committee member James Hon will conduct a 4 session workshop to club member on 'Total Defense Trading Plan'.

The four session dates are as follows :
1) 10 May (Sat) 2pm-5pm
2) 24 May (Sat) 2pm-5pm
3) 14 Jun (Sat) 2pm-5pm
4) 28 Jun (Sat) 2pm-5pm

Cost:    $120 for club members, Additional $60 for non-member to join as member

Speaker James Hon

James Hon is a retired businessman. Being curious about why so many very smart people got bitten in trading, he spent more than six years to join OTCS and to observe how the “traders” behave. He also studied many successful traders to come up with the conclusion:
there are many different ways to trade profitably
all successful traders put a high priority on cutting losses and managing risk.

Synopsis of the Workshop:

Two of the biggest obstacles in trading is managing risk and using a winning method. However, even if you control your risk on every trade and have a methodology that is a winner in the long term, you can still be stressed up.

Even with a robust trading system or methodology that wins in the long term, you may have to sit through losing trades of 10-20 trades at some point in your trading journey. 
What does it take to win back after you lose, or after you lose big, or after you lose over and over several times in a roll? 
You may be underperforming for a month or quarter, can you tolerate such pressure?

How do you balance the logical side and the emotional side of you when you are trading under the pressure of live markets with real money on the line? 
If your losses are eating you up emotionally, then this coaching session maybe the solution for you. The “So you are a trader” coaching session is designed to help you, as a trader, to consolidate your learnt knowledge, and to re-look at your personality to develop your own unique total trading plan. 

There are 8 specific areas to focus on, they are:
The 4-pillars of personal success
The 4-pillars of a complete trading system

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OTCS Club Meeting cum AGM on 21 May 2014

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Date:   Wed 21 May 2014
Time:   19:00 to 22:30
Venue:  Wealth Directions, 9 Penang Road, Park Mall, Singapore 238459 (5 min walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT),

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Dear members and friends,

Time has come for another interesting club meeting.   

Cost:    Free for club members, $20 for non-member
Entry:   Club member Free, non-members can join on the spot upon paying membership fee $50 for new members and renewal [AGM promotion] (Current members could renew your annual membership for free entry).

This time we invite two speakers Alvin Chow and Louis Koay, to talk on to use value investing to select winning stocks that beat index returns.  This is a very popular event as we understand the booking get filled up very quickly upon the email distribution is made, so we have specially made arrangement for the two speakers to give the club members an exclusive talk.

How to conduct systematic and objective analysis without guesswork
What are the crucial criteria for stock selection
How to achieve double digit returns and attain enough money for retirement

The Speakers will touch on CNAV (Conservative Net Asset Value)
How to use it, buy undervalued stocks and get huge returns
NOT taught in any other workshop
NOT taught in any other workshop

It's a systematic method which you can use and apply after attending our workshop.  The 2.5 hours spent with us will be worth your time

About the Speakers:

Alvin Chow is the founder of and the author of Secrets of Singapore Trading Gurus. He speaks regularly in local seminars educating the public about passive investing and Permanent Portfolio.

Louis Koay is the director of BigFatPurse Pte Ltd. He graduated from National University of Singapore with First Class Honors and he is currently a Chartered Financial Analyst Level 3 candidate. He created the Essential Financial Analysis Course to educate retail investors about evaluating the financial strength of companies.

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Last Updated on Thursday, 17 April 2014 09:19

OTCS Club Meeting on 26 Apr 2014

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Date:   Saturday 26 Apr 2014
Time:   12:30 to 18:30
Venue:  Wealth Directions, 9 Penang Road, Park Mall, Singapore 238459 (5 min walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT), Details of venue will be given to confirmed registration

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Dear members and friends,

Time has come for another interesting club meeting.   

Cost:    Free (Normal rate is $350, waived for first 30 registration, OTCS members and non-members). 

This time we invite Dr Tee (ein55), to talk on on Mega-Market-Cycle Stocks Investing With Ein55 Styles for 100% Capital Gain.

Dr Tee holds a PhD specialized in computational simulation with technical analysis.  He is the creator and master trainer for investing course (Secrets to Maximizing Profit in Stocks with Ein55 Styles). He possesses 16 years of investment experience with in-depth knowledge in stocks and related investment markets. 

He is known as Ein55, an investing mentor of and forums.  sharing his experience extensively with investing graduates through over 700 investment articles and many investing seminars to the public using FA, TA and PA methods with % Optimism.

He attains financial freedom with both Consistent Passive Incomes and Enormous Capital Gains, weathering various global crisis for the past 16 years through creation and application of novel investing method of Ein55 Styles.

Synopsis of the Talk:
• How long will the Singapore STI continue to remain sideways?  How long will the global stock market remain bullish?  What are the investment risks and opportunities?
• Do you wish you could have better timed your entry and exits in the stock market, gaining over 100% capital gains in a safe and relaxed way?
• Start 2014 year of Horse with a fresh strategy of Market Optimism with considerations of unique fundamental and technical analysis, market psychology, political economy and global macroeconomic events.

”Full-Day English Investment Course (6 hr):

“Mega-Market-Cycle Stocks Investing with Ein55 Styles for 100% Capital Gain
This full-day course is a special edition by Dr Tee, consisting of novel Ein55 investing Styles from 8 main topics of full course (2 full days + 2 half days) which is 8 times larger in content size than the short course. The short course will be conducted in the same manner as the full course with full details given on selected topics of interest.  It is useful for both beginners and experienced investors & traders in stock markets.
-Fee: $350 (free for first 30 registrations, limited seats available, first come first served)

1) Stock Diagnosis 
• For early bird attendees only, start right after registration to analyze stocks of interest 
• What to buy?  When to buy?  When to sell?  Applying Ein55 FA Criteria & TA Indicators. 
2) Foundation 
• Integrate the best practices of trading, market cycle investing and value investing into Ein55 Styles 
• When and how to make friends with “trend” and “time” to accumulate large sum of wealth?
• Simplified investing game to understand FA (value), TA (price) and PA (mind).
3) FA (Fundamental Analysis)
• Understand the complex interactions in Economy MasterPlan, eg. stock, bond, property, commodity, etc.
• Predict the next economy peak and crisis from historical trend of US Job Market.
• Why interest rate hike during bull market is a good sign for stock market?
4) TA (Technical Analysis)
• Quick individual stock and market monitoring using selected Ein55 Styles of TA indicators
• Buy and Sell with investing strategies of Relative and Absolute TA
• Analyze mega market trends of STI to predict the peak and valley of stock market
5) PA (Personal Analysis)
• How to measure and control the GREED and FEAR emotions to become winning investors?
• Learn the 4 steps of mega trend reversals between bull and bear markets with investor Psychological Analysis
6) Practical Stock Analysis
• Apply PE method to evaluate the intrinsic values and potential prices of stocks
• Apply % Optimism method with backtesting to maximize the profit (50% - 200%)
7) Personalized Investing Strategy
• Combination of Ein55 Styles into personalized investing strategy
•  Learn how to apply half-market-cycle investing strategy in stock market
8) Related Investment Markets
• Understand the unique market cycles and relationship of bond market and stock market

Bonus for Attendees:
1) Free copy of investment report (10 pages) by Dr Tee on Market Outlook 2014, complementing the Market Outlook 2014 Workshop, suitable for offline reading.
2) Free stock diagnosis using FTP Analysis (FA, TA, PA) based on participant’s stock of interest. Limit to 1 stock per pax during Q&A, first come first served.
3) Eligible to sign up for free professional software (full historical data, Real Time) to apply FA & TA techniques learned, free additional workshop on software usage and free 8Gb thumbdrive.


Do take note that there is about 30 minutes of preview of paid full course at the end of free talk, but there is no hard selling

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Club Meeting Held on 10 Apr 14

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Another club Meeting was conducted on 10 Apr 2014.

Mr James Hon gave a good presentation on So You Are A Trader on his coming workshop.

See some photos taken :

2014-04-10 19.46.51.jpg
2014-04-10 19.51.02.jpg

Last Updated on Friday, 11 April 2014 13:56
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