2015-01-17 (Sat): Weekly Option Writing – Kevin Khoo


Course Description

Weekly Options Writing intensive course caters to anyone looking to build consistent streams of additional income, without stressing themselves with complicated financial terms and technical jargon. This is possible because we focus on keeping things simple enough for even the most inexperienced investor.

The world of investment has raised many misconceptions, especially on how risky certain strategies can be. However, such ideas usually stem from a lack of familiarity with the financial instruments involved. It is such issues that we help individuals clarify, creating a straightforward path to safer and more profitable investing.

Our methods and strategies are taught only after they are tried, tested and have generated consistent and tangible results. Such an education system ensures that any potential risk is minimised, providing our students with strategies that are proven to work time after time.

If we had to sum up the results of our investment strategies into a couple of words, they would be ‘consistent profits’.

Profile of Kevin Khoo

  • A former Government Scholar and School Teacher in Economics and Mathematics
  • 4 years Training and Coaching experience with over Hundreds of Stock Traders and Investors since 2010
  • Achieved consistent income from Stock Market, been enjoying Freedom from Job since 2012
  • Passionate in transforming Complexity into Simplicity for Beginners in Stock Market