2015-03-18 (Wed): Tradable Patterns – Darren Chu


Workshop Description

Tradable Patterns will be providing two and a half hours of analysis and commentary on the markets and possibly trading from a live account as well to demonstrate a typical approach to intraday trades within a segment of the European / US session. Markets analysed and potentially traded this day. Will include CME/ICE/SGX/Eurex futures (commodities, equity indicies, interest rates) and spot FX. The approach will incorporate a combination of technical analysis and reviewing news items applicable to this day/week. The event will be targeted to an audience familiar with technical analysis, futures and spot FX.

To learn about technical analysis and FX in advance of the seminar, please visit http://tradablepatterns.com/tutorials/technical-analysis and http://tradablepatterns.com/tutorials/foreign-exchange-fx.

Profile of Darren Chu

Tradable Patterns was launched to demonstrate that the patterns recurring in liquid futures and spot FX markets can help improve trading profitability. Tradable Patterns’ Today’s Top 10 Trades provides technical analysis on a subset of ten futures and spot FX markets, which it considers worth monitoring for the day/week for trend reversal or continuation. Futures coverage is primarily on CME/ICE commodities and equity indices with periodic analysis on the VIX, SGX and Eurex futures. For less experienced traders, tutorials and workshops are offered online and throughout Southeast Asia.

All analysis provided by Tradable Patterns is meant to be educational and is not a recommendation to buy/sell nor to be interpreted as advice. Please always do your own due diligence.