2015-04-07 (Tue): Trigger Point System for Forex – Leon Tey


Workshop Description

  1. Currency Market outlook
  2. Technical strategy: Buy Low sell High and Sell High Buy Low
  3. News Trading strategy

Profile of Leon Tey

Leon Tey, an engineer by practice, had served the semiconductor industry for more than 20 years. Using his professional experience he found “Trigger Point System” and full time forex trader since 2009.

He had developed a unique trigger point trading method by applying fundamental news integrating with technical analysis to allow entry in highly violate FX market with high probability wins.

His signature trading methodology “Buying Low and Selling Higher” and vice versa had won him 2nd place in IronFX International competition (World 2nd largest FX company) by turning a US$2,000 initial capital into a US$48,000 win a whopping 2400% in just a short period of 3 months. This proven track record and fast result had separated him from the normal trading system commonly taught in the industry.

Leon is also a firm believer of continuous learning from the very best “SiFus and Mentors” including very weighs like Mario Singh , Kathy lien and Boris Schlossberg allowing him to expand and combining the best trading methodologies which had benefited thru his mentoring classes of more than 200 students.