2015-07-08 (Wed): 3 Pillars to Success in Trading – Thomas Yin


Workshop Description

Attend this workshop to learn…

  1. What Thomas Yin actually uses for technical analysis to determine direction of any markets
  2. What you must have in a trading plan
  3. What are the important 3 pillars to trading success that you must improve and master, regardless of which market you trade
  4. Witness for yourself the live account trading history of Thomas Yin’s trades since 2012
  5. Bonus: Free 2 months of Online Guru Trader’s trade alert service worth S$398


3 Pillars to Success in Trading

Thomas Yin is the CEO and founder of Online Guru Trader Pte Ltd. He always has a life-long dream of being a hedge fund manager that helps people makes money. Thomas has been trading the financial markets for over 18 years. He started since 1996 at the age of 20. Since 1996, he has traded index futures, options, forex, stocks and CFDs. Since 1996, he has lost money to the financial markets till 2009. During the same period, he has already attended US$50,000 worth of investment and trading courses and seminars and read hundreds of books on investment and trading. In 2010, he derived OGT trading methodology and has since been successful in achieving at least 48% returns yearly. And since 2010, Thomas Yin trades for a living, abandoning his full-time job.

OGT methodology bases on the 3 pillars to success in trading which is trading psychology, analysis (method) and money management. Now he empowers the masses by sharing OGT methodology and the right way to trade and invest the financial markets through his seminars and courses.

After testing OGT trading methodology for over 1 year, Thomas Yin started a website in 2011 called www.onlinegurutrader.com. The initial purpose of the website was to share with the world, his trades real-time with his own money. Hopefully to impact the trading community that success in trading can be achieved if they got their psychology, method of analysis and money management right like what Thomas Yin had done. Another reason for sharing his real money trades real-time was to allow his trades to be used by the public as a guide.

By end 2012, the trade alerts he posted made 61% returns just by using a US$10,000 account. That is when he decided to reach further out to the masses by introducing a course to teach those willing to achieve trading success like Thomas Yin. This course is now called OGT Trade To Win course which comprises mainly on trading psychology, method of analysis and money management. Another reason why Thomas Yin started to come out to coach students towards trading success was the following. Thomas Yin noticed there were too many bad apples looking to make a quick buck setting up training centers teaching the masses how to trade when these bad apples don’t even know how to trade and make a living from trading themselves. And this is one of the reason he decided to step up to teach to do his part in educating the masses the right way to trade and make money from trading.

When 2013 ended, based on the trade alerts, the results shows the trade alerts posted, made 85% returns from the same US$10,000 account. And by end 2014, results from trade alerts posted, made 54% returns from the US$10,000 account. Students who have joined him since 2013 have mostly benefited from the trade alerts and the knowledge, techniques and methods learnt from Thomas Yin. With more and more calling for Thomas Yin to coach them overseas, Thomas Yin also thinks it’s time for him to venture overseas to impact more people’s life financially and help them achieve financial freedom faster and sooner. Since 2014, Thomas Yin have travelled extensively to share his trading expertise on how he achieved 357% returns in 4 months in 2011 trading Forex, 56% returns in 2012, 85% returns in 2013 and 54% returns in 2014 trading stocks and forex.
Who should attend:

  • Any traders who want to be successful in trading.


  • Date: 8 Jul 15 (Wed)
  • Time: 7.15pm – 10pm (Registration starts 6.45pm)
  • Venue: IG Asia Pte Ltd. 9 Battery Road, #01-02 Straits Trading Building, Singapore 049910 (map)
  • MRT: Raffles Place

Registration is compulsory as seats are limited.

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    • Free for members, and non-members!

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