2016-07-07 (Thu): Are You Prepared for the Upcoming Financial Market Crash? – Jack HM Wong


This workshop is for traders serious about options trading

To qualify to attend this workshop, you need to meet all three criteria:

  1. Have an options trading account
  2. Be willing to commit serious time and effort to become successful options traders
  3. Be an OTCS member (You can join at the door)

Due to limited seats, if you do not meet the above criteria, I’m afraid we’ll need to cancel your tickets and will not able to admit you into the workshop.


  • After this workshop, Jack has generously agreed to personally mentor a selected group of committed OTCS members at no charge, his bread-and-butter options strategies to generate regular income using options!
  • IMPORTANT: OTCS will levy a small fee to cover costs for the mentoring sessions; Jack takes none of it.


Workshop description

Jack HM Wong is an expert-level options trader who have taught thousands of options traders from beginner to elite levels. He is also Accredited Tax Advisor in Singapore who has over 22 years of international tax experience and a Fellow Chartered Accountant in Singapore. (Please see ‘Speaker Profile’ below for more about Jack)

In answering the question whether you are prepared for the upcoming financial market crash, assuming Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Prophecy made in 2002 is correct, one can think of a few alternatives:

  1. Sticking with his/her existing portfolio and refusing to believe Kiyosaki’s prophecy even though he successfully predicted the Global Financial Crisis in 2008;
  2. Liquidating his/her existing portfolio and staying in cash and waiting for the next best opportunity to re-enter into the market like 6 March 2009;
  3. Assuming he/she has no existing position, staying in cash and waiting for the next best opportunity to re-enter into the market like 6 March 2009;
  4. Learning how to short-sell in the bear market to make money from the downside

If you are able to identify only these 4 alternatives, it means that you have not considered potentially the 5th alternative, i.e. using options to protect your downside risks on your existing portfolio and participating safely and securely in a bear market.

Some of you may have already been trading options but how many of you are trading covered call position? How many of you know that a covered call is synthetically the same as naked put, in which case the strategy carries a limited reward with a substantial downside risk? How many of you know the differences between a XYZ Jan 50 Call and a XYZ Feb 50 Call and which is one better than the other? If you are not sure how to answer this question, it means you have to keep educating yourself on options trading.


Are You Prepared for the Upcoming Financial Market Crash?

Attend this workshop and you will learn:

  1. Why is it the case that many options traders are still struggling even though they know how to identify a tradable opportunity and have ideas of what strategy is to be used for such opportunity?
  2. Is it really possible to spend only 15 minutes a day to look at the market and make a decision as to whether or not you would place any trade and after this, you can shut down your computer and/do something important?
  3. How you can take advantage of certain trading tools (free or low costs) to enhance your productivity in looking for trading opportunities and analysing options trades?
  4. How can you create a “boring” career in options trading in 2016?
    Why boring? Successful traders would tell you that trading is a routine activity and is meant to be boring.  If you want excitement, you should go to the casino!]


Who should NOT attend

Most people would convince you to attend a workshop. My approach is different because I only want to train people whose vision and mission are similar to mine.

So, this workshop is not for you if you believe the following:

  • You have to stick to the computer from 9:30am EST to 4:00pm EST every night to watch the market.
  • A full-time trader has to trade full-time because it is impossible to make money by being a part-time trader
  • Options trading is a scam because you have been scammed by other educators after attending their workshops
  • No matter what you do, you don’t see yourself making money from options trading
  • You can make more money by going to the casino or investing in other high-risk instruments (e.g. MLM, Ponzi schemes, CDS, ELN, Accumulator etc).
  • Options trading is just a quick-to-be-rich scheme
  • You see options trading as a hobby so you will just give a try and see if it works for you.
  • You prefer to develop your own trading theory and rules, and ignore what experienced options traders otherwise tell you.
  • Jack is going to be like other educators and is going to sell his workshop for money at the end of the event (and if you really think this is true, be prepared to be shocked at the event if you give permission to yourself to be there and stay till the end!)


Speaker profile

Jack is the inaugural president of Online Traders’ Club of Singapore in 2005.

Jack is a serial entrepreneur and an educator on financial literacy and entrepreneurship while he continues running his tax consulting practice after leaving the corporate world in June 2011. Jack is an Accredited Tax Advisor in Singapore who has over 22 years of international tax experience and a Fellow Chartered Accountant in Singapore.

Between June 2006 and August 2014, Jack was a staff writer and an instructor for an options education company from the US in which he taught over thousands of students internationally on options trading strategies ranging from beginners’ level to elite traders’ level. Jack’s options trading skill and application primarily came from a few former market markers in the Chicago Board of Exchange and over the years, Jack has been sharing with his students’ his market-makers’ approach in options trading.

Since September 2014 (after he ceased to act as the instructor for the above US options education company), Jack made the decision not to conduct any of his own options trading education seminars or workshops as he felt that the market has already a lot of options trading courses available. So, Jack continues his own options trading while at times, he would answer options trading questions raised by his friends. However, inspired by Second Chance written by Robert Kiyosaki (who is also the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad) and his coach, Blair Singer, Best-Selling Author of Sales Dogs and a Rich Dad Advisor, Jack made a decision to come back to share his options trading knowledge to enable more people to equip with the necessary skills and knowledge in preparing for the upcoming market crash assuming Kiyosaki’s prediction in 2002 is correct.


For traders serious about options trading!

  • Free for OTCS members who are:
    • Prepared to committed time and effort to become successful options traders,
    • You need an options trading account.
  • S$20 for non-members, who are committed to become successful options traders.
    (Or join as a member at venue for just S$60/yr – Special price for this year!)



  • Date: 7 Jul 16 (Thu)
  • Time: 7.15pm – 10pm (Registration starts 6.45pm)
  • Venue: CMC Markets Singapore. 50 Raffles Place, #14-06 Singapore Land Tower, Singapore 048623 (map)
  • Food: Boxed meals, first come first served, while stocks last
  • MRT: Raffles Place (EW14/NS26)
  • Registration is compulsory as seats are limited.

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