2017-07-27 (Thu): 3-in-1 workshop (Karen Foo, Nicholas Koh, Daniel Foo)


Workshop description

This OTCS workshop will have two parts by three different speakers.

Plus we’ll be having a BONUS Segment by the venue sponsor.

Part one: Secrets to Making Money from the Forex Markets

Suitable for: Forex traders
Speaker: Karen Foo

Being a seminar junkie in the past, hopping from one trading seminar to another, coupled with reading tons of articles on the internet, I’ve went through 3 years of struggling before I became consistently profitable.

I’ve since spent that time studying and learning from my own mistakes as well as from other people’s mistakes. I’ve also researched on the common set of habits, mindset and strategies used by the world’s top traders and hedge fund managers.

This workshop is designed both for beginners and intermediate traders to help them get started the right way, increasing their probability of acquiring winning trades and help them adopt the mindsets and habits of elite traders.

Key learnings points:

  • Why Forex trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme.
  • Top 3 mistakes that 90% of the Forex traders make
  • 3 vital components of successful trading
  • 4-step blueprint to becoming a successful Forex trader
  • 3 proven secret strategies I use to profit from the markets
  • How to trade support and resistance the proper way and avoiding false breakouts
  • How to use moving averages to capture the momentum and increase your winning probability
  • Trading psychology of the world’s top traders

Who can benefit by attending:

  • Beginner traders who want to learn how to start trading without having to go through years of searching for information online and attending multiple seminars
  • Experienced traders who would like to learn a system that is proven and tested or improve on their trading psychology



Part two: How to enhance your portfolio by trading options

Suitable for: Existing options traders
Speaker: Nicholas Koh and Daniel Foo

Key learnings points:

  • The importance of Trade Dominance
  • How to identify Economic Gravity
  • Options Spread Trading
  • Learn how current Global Economic and Geo-Political Situations will affect market trends
  • Understand why the old economy is being disrupted by technological breakthroughs
  • See how much of a Portfolio Manager’s AUM is really allocated to “Trading”
  • Learn how Implied Volatility affect Option Prices

On the contrary, what is more important than trading strategies, will be understanding the fundamental intricacies of how option prices react to Implied-Volatiltiy and Skewness.

Option trading is a 5-dimensional product and once you understand that, it will take your trading to whole new level. This is the notion that “mainstreet” has failed to teach and where they lack, we fill this huge gap in a revolutionary way.

As part of any holistic portfolio management methodology, options will be used for hedging and income-generation purposes. Market-Neutral trading and Cost-Basis Reduction for hedges are core strategies we will teach in our Masterclass that will be offered at the end of the workshop.

Who can benefit by attending:

  • Existing options traders


About speaker: Karen Foo

As a Forex trader, Karen won the title as the #1 youth trader in a nationwide Forex trading contest, she has spoken to traders, investors and working professionals to turn them into elite traders. She has spoken in local investment conferences such as ShowFX, SMART expo and featured on FX Trader magazine. She also was ranked top 10 out of 3000 traders from over 30 countries in an FX Street trading contest.

Karen graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a degree in finance and have studied various markets during her university years, which includes options, securities, index, futures and currency markets.

As a financial trainer, she has shared the stage with some of the top investment gurus and CEOs of Singapore and is the contest judge for numerous public speaking contests held around Singapore, ranging from club level to the national level contests.

Being also a motivational speaker, Karen is actively involved in speaking at various conferences, expos and publicly-held events in Singapore and Malaysia. She has also been invited to speak to an audience of leaders from Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia and Myanmar.

Growing up as a victim of bullying for over 10 years and witnessing her family breaking apart, she has gone on to inspire thousands of youths, working executives and leaders of various companies with her stories. Having also been an underdog in academics and speaking, she later went on to win numerous awards in public speaking contests and scholarships. She has inspired thousands to live their wildest dreams. 

She is the co-author of a book, “Turning Ideas into Profit” written with 9 Asia’s leading experts and professional speakers. Karen is also the contributing author of an investment book titled “Your Cash Moves” (foreword by Adam Khoo, Asia’s Top Success Coach). 

More details on her website here: www.karen-foo.com


About speaker: Nicholas Koh

Nicholas was a trader born prior to the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) back in 2007. The events that ensued shaped him to become a skeptical empiricist, his realism and candid talk is often misunderstood as dire pessimism for the global economy.

He started as a proprietary trader in 2011 at Indigo Atlantic Pte Ltd, a Quantitative Hedge Fund involved in running trading strategies that benefit from convexity and asymmetry of a ‘long Gamma’ payoff profile. Some strategies have been conceptualised from the gaming industry, where money is made over time over a large number of small transactions based on statistical edges.

In 2014, during his 1-year 10-month stint in the Singapore Armed Forces, he ran a Statistical-Arbitrage Book with a couple of close friends. The team specifically traded the Euro-Swiss Franc cross, taking advantage of the Swiss National Bank’s daily efforts to defend flows.

Nicholas is currently a Portfolio Manager at Ark Investment Corp Pte Ltd, a managed money family office that specialises in Volatility and Global Macro solutions. He has a great passion for philosophy on risk-taking and monetary history. He spends most of his time studying the demise of ancient civilisations and how the modern world of “high-finance” lines up to mistakes made by history.


About speaker: Daniel Foo

19th Oct 1987 Monday evening, Daniel attended his first lesson in Financial Futures at the IBF. His dad lost money and asked if he still wanted to pursue the financial career path. He started as a broker in Standard Chartered Futures covering U.S. & Singapore Simex Futures Options before moving on to bullion dealing later part. At Peregrine Derivatives, he was responsible for institutional sales, promoting the LME metal trading and hedging business to the extent of facilitating physical cargo transactions which ultimately led him to China entirely for 12 years.

In his personal capacity, he was fascinated with Options and back in the early 90s he recalls, risk analytics were certainly not at a touch of a click. The passion for learning and practising the craft over and over again for progress and success is inevitable, he believes. He did. He still does. 90% of his Portfolio is in Options and they are 100% Spread Options.

He holds an Advance Diploma in business administration and is a full-time Trader since back to Singapore in 2014.


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  • Date: 27 Jul 2017 (Thu)
  • Time: 7pm – 9.30pm (Registration starts 6.30pm)
  • Venue: 333 North Bridge Road, #03-00 KH KEA Building. Singapore 188721 (map)
    • It’s the building with McDonald’s, next to Bras Basah Complex.
  • Food: Boxed meals, first come first served, while stocks last
  • Registration is compulsory as seats are limited.

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