2017-10-19 (Thu): 2-in-1 workshop (Sean Chung, Peter Lim)


Workshop description

This OTCS workshop will have TWO parts by TWO different speakers.

Part 1: Building wealth by momentum trading

Speaker: Sean Chung

Please learn more about Sean in his bio below.

Sean will share:

  • What is momentum trading?
  • How is a momentum stock defined?
  • Identifying the important components in momentum
  • Using existing free software to scan for momentum stock
  • What is the entry criteria and exit criteria
  • A proper way to manage the trade
  • And most importantly, how to avoid the risk of ruin

Key learning points:

  • Participant will learn the basic yet the most overlooked concept approaching the market
  • Participant will learn the framework of why momentum work
  • Participant will learn how to construct their own very own filtering system to scan out the best candidates for momentum trade
  • Participant will learn the proper way to enter the trade
  • Participant will learn the proper way to exit the trade
  • Participant will learn a tool to almost “foresee” a market crash so as to prepare for another strategy

Who can benefit by attending:

  • Anyone who is serious about improving their financial well-being in the long run.
  • Anyone who is serious about learning what momentum trading is all about.
  • Anyone who like to learn how to tap on the free resources so that you will not need to pay a single cent to pay for any scanning tool in future.


Part 2: Intra Day Trading for Retail Investor using Institutional Order Flow and Supply and Demand

Speaker: Peter Lim

Please learn more about Peter in his bio below.

Peter will share:

  • Introduction to Order Flow Trade Reading
  • How to identify Big Boys Involvement in the market
  • How to apply Live market strength and weakness in 8 major FX Pairs
    How to apply fundamental news in trading
  • Understanding Market Trend, retracement and correction
  • How to trade Market Trend & retracement as intraday trader

Key learning points:

  • Order Flow Analytics on Supply and Demand, Block Orders by institution and how to identify big boy’s involvement
  • The right time to trade for intraday traders
  • Picking the right pair to trade at the right time
  • 5 minutes guide to wining in FX Trading

Who can benefit by attending:

  • Part-time and full-time traders passionate about trading
  • Traders who are still not profitable


About speaker: Sean Chung

Sean Chung graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Masters Degree in Mathematics. He started his journey in trading with the impression that having a knack for numbers will give him an advantage to beat the market. He tried various trading methods and after 5 arduous years of trading, he finally got burnt out.

When he was almost giving up on the financial market, he chanced upon the concept of value investing. The principle of value investing had made him realise his past mistakes. He then set on to a more down-to-earth journey of hard work and was finally able to generate consistent real returns from the market.

Strangely enough, once he understand the principle in value investing, not only can he invest well but his trading result has improved. He has now developed his own style of approaching the market using two strategies which sit at two ends of the spectrum, each dealing with specific market condition.

He is now both an investor and a profitable trader.


About speaker: Peter Lim

Peter Lim is a full-time trader and graduated from Institute of Banking and Finance in 1999 as a certified candle stick chartist, fund management in capital and financial markets. Peter holds a diplomat in computer science and had developed his own proprietary technical indicator ASRC FXCODE granted copy right from IPOS. Currently he is the Chief Trader of PLMP P2000 a local prop firm providing risk management solution to established business.

Peter also serve as hedge fund trader for US investment house trading in Indexes, Gold and crude oil futures in the NYMEX market. His trading approach was a result of two years of mentoring by former top trader from UBS which had developed his knowledge on how big institution position their trades in the market using Order Flow Tape reading.

Since 2015 he had developed a profitable methodology in trading the FX market with the correct trading mindset towards investment and risk management in ever increasing volatile market conditions.



All are welcome!

  • Free for OTCS members
  • S$20 for non-members
    (Or join as a member at venue for just S$60/yr – Time limited offer!)

(Come with a friend or two, but kindly get them to register too.)



  • Date: 19 Oct 2017 (Thu)
  • Time: 7pm – 10pm (Registration starts 6.30pm)
  • Venue: Blk 231 Bain Street, #04-41 Bras Basah Complex, Singapore 180231 (map)
  • Food: Boxed meals, first come first served, while stocks last
  • Registration is compulsory as seats are limited.