2017-11-14 (Tue): Why stock market will not crash in 2017? When will it eventually happen? – Edmund Lee


OTCS member-only workshop description

Why stock market will not crash in 2017? When will it eventually happen?


Edmund Lee is a self-taught, self-made millionaire market psychology trader. He made his millions by going short on the NASDAQ just at the onset of the dotcom bust in the 2000 and the Global Financial Crisis began in late 2007.

Edmund spent the early years of his career plotting charts by hand on the trading floors of various commodity dealing houses. Through the daily mundane toil, he observed the numerous trading errors made by his colleagues and their clients. Through keen perception and drawing intelligent conclusions from facts he ascertained, Edmund soon realised that his fellow colleagues and their clients were making systemic trading errors. He documented all that he observed as lessons and executed paper trades to hone his skills.

In the early 2000 and the late 2007, sensing extreme euphoria in the markets, Edmund took a leap of faith and risked his entire life savings by going short on the NASDAQ just at the onset of the Global Financial Crisis. His numerous outsized trades paid off handsomely and he soon retired from trading in 2012.

He credits his strategy to a combination of fundamental, technical and most importantly psychological analysis of the markets. Evidence and facts observed from fundamental and technical analysis are overlaid with his understanding of market psychology to derive actionable trades – trades which carry a lower risk and higher probability of yielding a profit.

Today Edmund spends his time analysing the market psychology through various sources and trade for leisure over a wide range of asset classes including indexes, equities, commodities and FX pairs. In his free time, he conducts numerous sharing sessions to share his market insights, techniques and experiences with friends and acquaintances.

Edmund believes that the next crisis will eventually arrive. Now is the time to prepare ourselves to understand and recognise the psychology at the inception of a crisis. Our patience to keep a keen lookout for signs of the imminent crisis will ultimately pay off.

Edmund has a gift of making sense of the tumultuous markets and seeing through the chaos and disarray. He offers a very insightful perspective – a must attend for anyone who is involved in the market.


In this OTCS members-only workshop, Edmund will share with us


  • Understand why retail investors frequently get caught off-guard when trading
  • Understand why fundamental and technical knowledge alone is insufficient for trading
  • Understand the advantage that the big-boys have over you and how to profit from it
  • How to properly interpret the news headlines and plan your trades accordingly
  • How to look for evidence and confirmation of a trend
  • How to manage your risk and stop losses
  • Learn the common traps that traders fall into then trading different asset classes

Have you mastered all the technical analysis skills but still find you’re trading unprofitably?

Find out the missing ingredient that most retail trader lack. This will no doubt enhance your trading skills and give you the profitability that retail traders crave.


Learning points

  • Learn the weaknesses of fundamental and technical analysis and how market psychology will dramatically improve the profitability of your trades
  • Discover why you have been misled to trade against the trend despite what technical indicators tell you
  • Learn the manipulation techniques of the big-boys and how to trade with them, not against them
  • Discern the hidden motives behind the analyst reports and news headlines
  • Discover a perspective on the Fed, Hedge Fund Managers and Analyst which you will never see in conventional media
  • Learn to trade using predictive techniques rather than reactive techniques
  • Learn how looking back at history will help you look forward in your trading


Why OTCS members should attend this workshop

  • Novice traders who lack experience in real complex trading environment
  • Regular traders seeking to be profitable in their trades
  • Experience traders seeking a fresh perspective on price actions
  • Traders who missed out on the whole rallies in 2017 being threaten by experts forecasting the market will crash due to the decade of “7”


Open to OTCS members only!

  • Free for OTCS members
  • Not open to public


OTCS member-only workshop Details

  • Date: 14 Nov 2017 (Tue)
  • Time: 7pm – 10pm (Registration starts 6.30pm)
  • Venue: OANDA Asia Pacific. 50 Collyer Quay. #04-03 OUE Bayfront. Singapore 049321 (map)
  • Food: Boxed meals, first come first served, while stocks last
  • Registration is compulsory as seats are limited.

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