Supercharged Bonds – How you can get 10%+ annually with lower risk than stocks! – Ian Low


Course description

Attend this course to learn…

  1. What are bonds
  2. Where to buy bonds
  3. Why bonds
  4. Which bonds to buy
  5. When to buy bonds
  6. Market outlook for Singapore bonds
  7. How to supercharge your bonds returns (10+% annually!)


Supercharged Bonds – How you can get 10%+ annually with lower risk than stocks!

Like it or not, bonds are often recommended to be included in everyone’s portfolio because it can generate consistent income year after year without the roller coaster ride of stocks.

While bonds are safer than stocks, bonds returns are not as exciting. But that has changed!

Bonds can give you 10%+ annually! And I want to show you how…

At this free 3-hour course, you will learn about bonds that:

  • gives you 10%+ annually, yet safer than stocks
  • do not need you to spend time monitoring the market
  • gives you peace of mind while you sleep well at night

You will learn why many fund managers and high net-worth individuals park funds into bonds to work for them, and how you too can profit from it that was traditionally only been made available to them.


Who should attend

Come, if you’re an investor who wants…

  • 10%+ annual returns without the roller coaster ride of stocks
  • safer than stocks investments that allows you to sleep well at night
  • a place to park your money while waiting for the market bubble to burst
  • to diversify your investments
  • to learn how fund managers and high net-worth make money work harder for them


Trainer profile

Ian Low has been investing in Singapore corporate bonds and preference shares since 2010. He is already a profitable investor and a coach in trading and investments before becoming a remisier in early 2014. He utilises a portfolio of trading and investment strategies to meet his goal of generating passive income. Now, he teaches these strategies to his remisier clients.

Ian believes in using systematic strategies to ensure consistency of results and thus reducing the impact of stress and emotions. These strategies are based on a combination of technical and fundamental analysis, statistics, and macroeconomics.

Ian is the creator of the TradingSTI strategy, a simple mechanical method that can time the Singapore market. Using just 10 minutes a week, anyone can use the TradingSTI strategy to identify and buy at the low points of the Singapore market.

Ian publishes an email newsletter via to keep his subscribers informed of major market turns and how to take advantage of them.

Ian is also a recognised Candidate Master of International Chess where he represented the Singapore National team for many international tournaments. He is still in the ranking list published by the world chess federation, F.I.D.E.


Course fee

  • Free. Fully sponsored by Ian Low, OTCS committee member.


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