Be our invited speaker

OTCS (Online Traders Club Singapore), founded in 2005, is a non-profit organisation registered with the Registry of Societies in Singapore. We are run by an elected committee made up of volunteers who are not paid.

We have about 200 paid members (each paying an annual membership fee) and another 700+ non-members in our double opt-in mailing list.


OTCS Workshops

We are always on a lookout for generous experts who are willing to share their insights, knowledge and experience on trading, investing and finance with our members at our almost monthly workshops.

At each OTCS workshop, we may invite 1 to 3 speakers, each given usually one hour to share.

Typical attendance at our workshops is between 70 to 100 members.

OTCS will handle the entire event (venue, promotion, registration, etc). The speaker will only need to turn up and speak. If budget permits, we will also provide a simple dinner for all members and invited speakers at our workshops.

We do request that the speaker provide us their presentation slides in PDF format as early as possible, so that we can provide feedback if any. Also, at some venues, the venue sponsor’s compliance department may need to vet the slides.

Optionally, if the speaker allows, we may perform screen or video recording, so that members who are not able to attend can still benefit by watching online.


Speaker benefits

  1. Knowing they’re doing good by helping others.
  2. Networking with other traders and investors.
  3. Demonstrating their expertise through education (First 90% of workshop) then promoting their offerings (course, service, subscription, etc) at the end of the workshop (Last 10% of the workshop).


Speaker topics

  1. Share how they trade/invest (FA, TA, Setups, Entries, Exits, Tools, etc).
  2. (Optional) Market update/outlook.


Special course with speaker

Sometimes, if suitable and with prior agreement with the club, the club will organise a members-only special course with the speaker.

The club will handle everything (venue, food, payment collection, etc), and the speaker only need to show-up, teach and receive the training fees from the club.


Want to speak at an OTCS Workshop?

If you believe you and our club can be a good fit, please contact us with more info about yourself and your expertise, and we’ll take it from there.

Thank you.


OTCS Workshop Details Form

If you have been given the password by our club committee member, please enter it to download the form, complete it, then submit it back to the committee member. Thank you.